Banquet Server–PT

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Title: Banquet Server

Reports To: Banquet Manager

Job Description:
As an Aparium Hotel Group associate your job is to remember. Remember all the small things at all times for each guest. Think creatively and instinctively responding in real time to requests and dealing with challenges inherent to your position with modesty and humility. Generate amazing ideas to improve and enhance hotel operations and the guest experience and implement those ideas because you are an empowered team member.

Job Requirements:

  • Deliver exceptional service consistently
  • Gather all equipment necessary to service a function and maintain a clear, immaculate and safe service corridor
  • Assist in setting event rooms before functions and assisting with break down post event
  • Maintain and partake in a positive work ethic and surrounding environment
  • Offer guests an enjoyable, expertly served beverage/dining experience conforming to guidelines of excellence for quality, 
professionalism and friendliness
  • Anticipate and service of guest’s needs
  • Serve and clear food and beverage items in an unobtrusive and professional manner
  • Be familiar with the menus, including preparation, ingredients and description
  • Be familiar with the wine list and in wine and beverage service including stemware used
  • Follow the established procedures to ensure knowledgeable, correct and efficient order taking
  • Complete opening and closing side work as assigned and have all tables set according to standard
  • Present menus and explanations for all menu items as well as specials of the day
  • Utilize the hotel’s computer system ringing up sales, printing checks, closing checks and completing closing readings
  • Carry trays, bus and reset tables with linen, china, glass and silver
  • Stock linen, china, silver and glassware for service
  • Install buffets and brunch tables as well as set-up of food items and displays
  • Maintain and retrieve all food items from the kitchen and attractively and safely transport them to an outlet
  • Work closely and communicate with the kitchen associates
  • Serve any dishes to guests while explaining the contents and preparation
  • Properly clear and crumb tables according
  • Offer coffee or tea and serve any requested
  • Breakdown any buffets, displays or side stations when needed
  • Greet each guest promptly, courteously, graciously with eye contact, a smile and good posture
  • Keep the working area clean and tidy at all times
  • Keep accurate control of guest checks, credit vouchers, currency and posting procedures
  • Record all guest charges, gratuities and cash transactions accurately
  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times to reflect the hotel high standards
  • Maintain a good working relationship with other associates
  • Move chairs and tables
  • Perform monthly inventory of all china, glass, silver, linen, food and beverage items
  • Work weekends and holidays
  • Follows their instinct and uses her/his best judgment to create experiences for guests that are thoughtful and genuine
  • Detail orientated
  • Demonstrates high degree of drive and determination
  • Works cooperatively with other people in order to achieve a common goal.
  • Always under-promise and over-deliver
  • All other responsibilities assigned by management

Educational Requirements:

  • Excellent reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language
  • 2 years minimum of food and beverage experience
  • Great wine and food knowledge
  • Able to work well unsupervised
  • Computer skills helpful but not required

Work Environment:

  • Standard restaurant setting
  • Standard kitchen setting
  • Standard Banquet setting
  • Professional, passionate and positive work environment

 Physical demand:


  • Continuous standing and walking
  • Negotiating wet tile floor and steps
  • Fine motor coordination is needed to pour beverages, decorate cocktails and folding napkins


  • Trays weigh 30 lbs.
  • Carts: 250 lbs. (12-20 lbs. of push/pull force required)
  • Hot box: 20 lbs.
  • Banquet Tables
  • Banquet Chairs


  • Standing and walking is continuous for 4-5 hours at a time
  • Lifting and carrying 30 lb. tray, crate or box is occasional
  • Negotiating varied floor surfaces is continuous
  • Carrying over shoulder is occasional
  • Hand and elbow movements for polishing glassware, silver, setting up tables, shacking, pouring and mixing drinks
  • Pushing Room Service cart continuous
  • Lifting and carry hot boxes continuous
  • Rolling and/or carry Banquet tables continuous
  • Carrying stackable banquet chairs by loading the cart continuous


  • Excellent balance needed for negotiating varied floor surfaces
  • Handling lighted candles, and handling hot fluids (coffee and tea)
  • Excellent speech and hearing to interact with guests
  • Excellent sight for completion of paperwork
  • Must be able to work in extreme temperatures like freezers (-10 degrees F) and kitchens (+110 degrees F), possible for one hour or more

The Iron Horse Hotel is privately owned and managed by the Aparium Hotel Group. Aparium Hotel Group does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws. The Iron Horse Hotel is a smoke-free, drug-free facility, and equal opportunity employer.  


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