Mini Bar Attendant- FT

Title: Private Bar Attendant

Reports To: In Room Dining Manager

Job Description:
As an Aparium Hotel Group associate your job is to remember. Remember all the small things at all times for each guest. Think creatively and instinctively responding in real time to requests and dealing with challenges inherent to your position with modesty and humility. Generate amazing ideas to improve and enhance hotel operations and the guest experience and implement those ideas because you are an empowered team member.
Investigate your own practice of hospitality, improving, refining and sharing your ideas with others. Take pride in being a local expert for food, shopping, entertainment, travel and culture and act as an ambassador for our city.

You will be paid competitively with opportunities for advancement. Your success will be measured through favorable reviews and your ability to meet stated objectives. You’ll have the ability to create your own career path and move into other areas of interest as your goals change.

Job Requirements:
Consistently deliver exceptional service
Adhere and follow Service Guidelines Responsible for stocking all guest room private bars and maintaining private bar inventory.
Participate in bi-weekly inventory of all products in the Storage Areas and guest rooms.
Keep track of all sales inventories by product to accurately order more products.
Keep track of product expiration dates to ensure the highest quality.
Responsible for tracking occupied rooms and accurately charging guests for products used.
Complete side work assignments given out by manager
Assist in other food and beverage departments when needed
Maintain and part take a positive work ethic at all times, fostering teamwork
Follow proper payroll, attendance and uniform procedures
Offer guests an enjoyable, expertly served beverage/dining experience
Anticipate guests needs
Serve and clear food and beverage items in a comfortable and professional manner
Be familiar with the menus, including preparation, ingredients and description
Be familiar with the beverage list and stemware used
Be familiar with the cocktail list and available liquors
Present menus and explanations for all menu items
Be knowledgeable on POS system and requirements pertaining to job
Keep accurate control of guest checks, credit vouchers, currency and posting procedures
Roll Private Bar Cart using In Room Dining Guidelines
Ascertain guest’s satisfaction and handle any problem which may arise in a calm and professional manner, informing a manager when appropriate
Report any accident immediately
Recognize and address potential intoxicated, disruptive or undesirable guests to management
Stock, polish and ensure cleanliness of linen, china, silver and glassware for service
Assist in buffets and brunch set-up when needed
Own guest requests and ensure follow up when necessary
Ensure to report any engineering/housekeeping work orders
Work closely and communicate with all staff
Assist in the set up and breakdown of side stations, buffets and back of the house areas
Respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation
Perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff
Greet each guest in a prompt, courteous, gracious manner providing eye contact and a smile
Recognize regular guests and use names when known in a natural manner
Keep the working area clean and tidy at all times
Make the guest feel comfortable and at ease in his/her room at all times and avoid being obtrusive
Ensure the guest’s room is back to its original state when clearing order
Follow the established procedures to always ensure knowledgeable, correct and efficient order taking and adherence to guest requests
Conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times to reflect the highest standard of service
Breakdown trays and tables in Stewarding area and re-set according to standards
Handle “Do Not Disturb” rooms as per protocol
Respect the confidentiality of all guests
Report breakages to management
Perform monthly inventories of all china, glass, silver, linen, Private Bar items, etc
Provides undivided attention to each guest
Detail orientated
Demonstrates high degree of drive and determination
Works cooperatively with other people in order to achieve a common goal.

Educational Requirements:
Average reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language
Able to work well unsupervised

Desired Behaviors:
ADAPTIVE: shows flexible thinking and embraces new technologies, processes, environments
PROACTIVE: responsible and collaborative and driven to make decisions with minimal supervision
AWARE: think ahead, anticipate. Under promise and over deliver
REAL: validate your guest and their needs, show your guest you’ve noticed them, make eye contact, authentic, not scripted
INTUITIVE: trust your instincts to do what you feel to be true even without conscious reasoning
UNDERSTANDING: recognize everyone in the hotel is a guest. Put their needs first. If you need to apologize, be sincere
MASTERFUL: be an expert, now your culture, show confidence

Work Environment:
Normal restaurant environment
Normal kitchen environment
Normal Banquet environment
Normal In Room Dining environment

Physical Demand:
Negotiating wet tile floor and steps
Continuous standing and walking
Fine motor coordination is needed to pour beverages, decorate cocktails and folding napkins

Carts: 250 lbs. (12-20 lbs. of push/pull force required)
Hot box: 20 lbs.
Banquet Tables:
Banquet Chairs
Trays weigh 30lb.

Standing and walking is continuous for 4-5 hours at a time
Pushing, lifting and carrying 25 lb. tray, table or box is continuous
Switching from varied floor services is continuous
Carrying over shoulder is continuous
Hand and elbow movements for polishing glassware, silver, setting up tables, shacking, pouring and mixing drinks
Rolling and/or carry Banquet chairs and tables continuous

Excellent sight and balance needed
Handling lighted candles and hot fluids
Excellent speech and hearing to interact with guests

The Iron Horse Hotel is an equal opportunity employer.  If you would like to be part of our team, please submit your resume and application to with the job title in the subject line of the email.