New Season, New Smyth

Smyth goes live with a brand-new website showcasing the seasonal approach and locally inspired menus.

Smyth at The Iron Horse Hotel is back in the spotlight of Milwaukee’s culinary scene with inventive cuisine that marries seasonal farm-to-table specialties with VIP-level service. And its new website is taking that commitment to personalized service to the next level. First, a bit of backstory: Smyth is inspired by the days gone by term for blacksmithing. The culinary team honors the blacksmith and his craft by creating cuisine that reflects the handcrafted, soulful trade of transforming raw materials into works of art. Executive Chef Bradford Shovlin draws seasonally from the bounty that Wisconsin and the Midwest have to offer — even from hotel's own Willow Farm. At, make a reservation, view the menus or simply learn about the cool culinary team that has re-imagined this six-year-old Milwaukee favorite. (Think comfort fare with a foodie kick.) Given the fact that Smyth was just named one of “8 of the Most Delicious Farm-to-Table Hotels in the World” by Yahoo Travel, isn’t it time you checked it out? Log onto to learn more.

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