How well do you know Branded, our historic Iron Horse Hotel bar? We’ve compiled 10 facts about our beloved beer haven to feed your curiosity about our popular hangout. (Still hungry? Join us for a burger and some of our famous cheese curds during your next visit!)

1. The bar is designed to feel like an authentic Milwaukee bar experience. Laid-back, casual and unapologetically Brew City.

2. Branded has an extensive list of specialty cocktails, bottled wine, local beers and martinis. In fact, we strive to feature as many local brews as possible and you will often find them seasonally on tap or in a bottle.

3. The wood walls are made from wood salvaged from the old building.

4. The fully restored pool table is a Niagara Billiard Table made in Milwaukee in 1910 and has the original brass nameplate. Fancy a game?

5. The quartered oak pool cue rack came from the Crescent Lodge. The nearly century-old 12-cue double rack features the original oval beveled mirror in the center. Originally, there were applied, raised letters in the center saying “Crescent Lodge.”  The “500” is for the hotel’s address; this used to read “931,” the Lodge’s chapter number.

6. The solid brass pool table light, circa 1920, has been fully restored.

7. Seating in Branded is on Toledo Drafting Stools from the 1920s. They were found all over the U.S. and were completely restored for the hotel.

8. The large mirror behind the bar came from a church in Pennsylvania. It was a stained glass window — but the glass broke in shipping. (Doh!)

9. The colorful and rare collection of seltzer bottles on the bar back shelves are from Argentina, circa 1900.

10. The restrooms in Branded feature antique amber glass partition walls made from reclaimed corrugated wire glass panels from a factory in Pennsylvania.

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