When two great Milwaukee entities come together, it’s music to our guests’ ears. We recently collaborated with Koss Stereophones to create a handful of elegant and unique listening stations in The Library.

“Ever since my grandfather, John C. Koss, invented the world’s first SP/3 Stereophone in 1958, Koss Corporation has remained true to our home town roots. Koss worked with the Iron Horse to craft a celebration of hometown creativity, expression and invention,” says Michael J. Koss, VP of Marketing & Product at Koss Corporation.

The first — a renovated vintage phone-booth dubbed the ‘Stereophone Booth. — features a variety of different Koss Headphones for listeners to try, such as the Porta Pro, Pro4S, KPH30i and many others. Just plug in your phone and you’ve got the beat.

Guests can also enjoy their favorite vinyl (simply check out an album from our growing collection at the Front Desk) on a custom record player created by Koss, outfitted with dual Koss Pro/4AA over-ear headphones. With an ever-evolving vinyl selection available for guests to check out and listen, music lovers are flocking to this one-of-a-kind installation experience.

Our Director of Lifestyle, Jordan Dechambre, recently spoke to Koss about the partnership and what it means to our genuine Milwaukee hotel. Here’s a snippet of that convo:

How did The Iron Horse get involved with Koss?
We knew we wanted to create an enhanced music experience at The Iron Horse Hotel and partnering with a local company was key. When it comes to headphones and sound quality there is no one better than Koss. I think it’s the creative vision of two fabulous Milwaukee entities coming together to create a one-of-a-kind listening experience for visitors and Milwaukeeans alike. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Why is music such an important part of the experience when staying with The Iron Horse?
While moto culture will always be our soul, we are a lifestyle hotel at heart. Music, art, food, fitness. If we are doing our job, the hotel should simultaneously feel like all of those things. But above all, music is the heartbeat of life. It evokes feeling, emotion. Music can take you from tears of sadness to tears of joy. It can take you to another place. We want our guests to feel all the joy that music can bring, and this partnership with Koss plays a vital role in making that happen.

What advantage does being in Milwaukee give the Iron Horse other cities might not?
Milwaukee is so incredibly cool and somehow manages to fly under the radar. We love to surprise and delight guests, just like the city itself.

Besides getting a good night sleep, what else does the Iron Horse want guests to feel/experience when staying?
We are the genuine Milwaukee hotel. A visit to The Iron Horse Hotel should feel like a visit to the best of everything Milwaukee. That’s our goal.

Enjoy the Koss experience for yourself during your next visit.

Image: Koss Library images
Photo cred: Martin Moore