So, how much do you really know about our 100 oversized loft-style guest rooms?

The next time you cozy up in one of our plush beds, take a look around and experience the history, care and detail that is present in each room.

  • The custom hooks in each room hold up to 80 pounds, ideal for hanging heavy riding leathers. Talk about biker friendly!
  • Guest room corridor carpets are inspired by safari motifs that were famous at the turn of the century when Teddy Roosevelt began going on African safaris — the news of which circulated the globe at that time.
  • Guest rooms average 400 square feet; suite size by industry standards. Designed to enhance the original structure, many rooms feature original posts, brick walls, fire doors and duct work.
  • Rooms feature fine art photography of Milwaukee women by Milwaukee native Charles Dwyer, enlarged to mural size and hand-embellished by the artist. Other original works by Dwyer are displayed in the front desk office, the fitness center and lower level.
  • Sculptures above guestroom beds are poured freeform works by local artist Amber Van Galder, who used recycled aluminum, including motorcycle parts, to create each piece.
  • All countertops are poured and polished concrete created by local craftsmen. These are a wonderful example of sustainable products used in the hotel!